Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Top 10 genealogical moments of 2009

Well, even though it's Wordless Wednesday, I'll add this today! [ thanks for the nudge, Randy!] This was a big year for me in genealogy!

10. Attending the ftDNA conference in March. I still have so much to learn about the uses of DNA in genealogy. But this conference helped a lot!
9. Getting my full mtDNA test kit for Christmas! Wonder what my haplogroup is???
8. Helping several DAR prospects complete their application papers
7. Finally starting on my husband's genealogy, and showing all his relatives at the October family reunion the wonderful ancestral history they have!
6. Joining DUVCW [Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War]. It made me go back and look at some civil war data I had collected years ago. Looking at it with fresh eyes, it allowed me to connect another branch of the family!
5. Spending a week in D.C. using the National Archives, Library of Congress, and DAR libraries. I could have spent a month!
4. Donating time to the DAR descendant's project typing in application data for 100 applications. Part of my "giving back" for all the help I have received over the years!
3. Attending SCGS Jamboree in Burbank in June. I was one of the Boy Scout genealogy badge councilors and signed off on about 30 badges!!! It als0 allowed me to reconnect with old friends, and meet many new blogger friends.
2. Identifying my Mayflower ancestors! John Howland, his wife Elizabeth Tilly and her parents ( John Tilly & ? who both died in the first year ). Which is great for a 3/4 non-American person!!!!
1. Finding my mother's Chilean cousins! Through Facebook of all places!!! Never turn down any opportunity to search on surnames!

I wonder how I'll top this in 2010.... Happy New Year!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Fessia in Italy, Chile and ??; Antonipieri in Italy and ??

Well now for surnames on my mother's side of my genealogy.
FESSIA -- My great grandfather was Giovanni Battista Fessia, b. 18 May 1847 in Gaglianico, Vercelli, Piemonte, Italy. I believe his parents were Pietro Fessia and Felicita Ciochetti. He married Margherita Anna Pozzallo b 3 May 1866 Donato, Piemonte, Italy on 29 Oct 1887 in Gaglianico. He died in 1903 in Gaglianico.
1. Pietro who emigrated to Chile, and married in Tome, Chile, Alejandrina Espejo. To them were boren 10 hildren. [I am still searching for theose cousins!].
2. my grandfather Augusto Secundo Fessia, b. 1 Apr 1890 in Gaglianico. He was sent to Lyon France to apprentice as a silk weaver. He served in the Italian army in the Italian -turco War. He emigrated to the US on the ship Stampalia, arriving in September 1913. He married a widow, "antonina" who was Maria Antonina Jacomina Theresa Antonipieri Felice [ or Felix]. They were married in 1917. Antonina had a daughter ( my Aunt Mary) from her first marriage. She also worked in the silk mills in Utica.
3. Felicita who was born 14 Feb 1892 in Gaglianico. She married Remo Leandro, who emigrated with my grandfather in 1913 on the ship Stampalia. She died in 1968.
4. Giovanni Battista Fessia, better known as John. He was born 14 July 1897 in Gaglianico . He also married a Margaret. He arrived a year later in 1914.

My the three siblings brought to the US their widowed mother Margherita to help with the grandchildren. She died 28 May 1943 in Utica.

Fessia is a fairly rare name in Italy, but Antonipieri, my grandmother's name is even rarer. She was born in Enemonzo, in the Friuli region of Italy, and the residents there considered themselves more "German" than Italian. She met her first husband in Buia when she attended a wedding there. There are many stories, about her family, which will have to wait until the next posting!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Footnote freebie- 1930 US Census

Thought I'd list that is having the 1930 census for free the month of August!
Pass the word!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

SCGS Jamboree Highlights

Well this post is different, as I wanted to post some of my highlights of attending the 2009 SCGS Jamboree. In the past I have served on the committee, and of course, working the Jamboree means you can't get to go to many lectures, or browse through the vendor hall. But the past few years, I have tried not to be so involved, so I could attend the conference instead of working.

This year, the first highlight came before the "regular" portion of the Jamboree. I substituted at the Kid's Camp, held Friday morning. Genealogy has some bright new folks, as I reviewed and signed off on 29 Boy Scout Genealogy badges! That's more than I have signed in the past 3 years!!! Only one young man didn't have enough of the data to get my signature. And I was only one of 3 Counselors reviewing and signing! And with all the popularity of genealogy in the US, can you believe it is one of the "rarer" badges with only about 5,000 awarded 2 yeas ago? We need to change that, and this seems to be a wonderful way to do it! Kudos to Michael Melendez for his work on this!

I volunteered to sit the DAR table in the Vendor's Hall on Friday. We managed to help not only prospective DAR members but SR & SAR prospective members. The new on-line member's site allows us to do more than we could before, and we passed out many request for application forms, so the folks at NSDAR national headquarters are about to be really busy! We definitely saw more attendees from out of state, as well as an increased northern California contingent!

Actually got to go to some lectures this year.... They had some wonderful new speakers, and some of my old friends! The blogger's panel was terrific and I learned some great new ideas, both in techniques and content, and also encouragement. So maybe I'll try to set aside more time for blogging! I have already sent for some British vitals after listening to George Morgan, and the first one has already arrived!

Many of the lectures were recorded, and a couple of us went together on an order of ones we missed or wanted to lessen the cost per CD. I transferred a few of the CDs to my iPod so I could listen to them on the plane and while walking in DC where I spent the week following the 4th doing genealogy and attending DAR Congress. ( more on that later!). Although the quality differs from one to another, it was a great way to hear the lectures I missed! ( And yes, Paula, I will fill out a survey!)

Paula and the rest of the SCGS Jamboree committee are to be commended on a fabulously successful Jamboree! It is definitely the best conference !

Monday, June 29, 2009

Barry, McCalla, Lau, Flickinger, Thompson in US & Ireland

the "catchy" title ( names, places) is credited to the Son-of Blogger discussion at SCGS Jamboree-- "hook 'em with the title so they will read the blog" ----

Well here are some of my husband's names I am researching:

Barry- first known ancestor is Robert H. who immigrated from County Wexford to Opalousas LA in 1820. His father is probably Sylvestre/ Sylvester Barry born & remained in Ireland. Robert's brother John Barry became the second bishop of Savannah Georgia, and has been written up in several Catholic histories. He states birthplace as Oilgate, County Wexford.

McCalla Bob's earliest found McCalla relative is George McCalla found in 1860 census in Licking county, Ohio. According a family document, his wife Eliza J(ane) was the daughter of Robert Thompson and Susan McCoubrie of County Down and from the family home named Cherry Vale
Other children of Robert Thompson married and went to Canada. Have been tracing those descendants in hope of making farther back connections.....

Lau Bob's mom was a Lau, and the family connects back from Ohio to the Lau families of Lancaster county PA.

Flickinger The Lau brothers who went to Ohio married Flickinger sisters also from Lancaster County PA

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Burton, Edwards, Petty, Wadsworth, in NY & Canada

I guess I really need to get going in blogging. I will pick up on the blogging prompts later, but I guess the first thing to report in my genealogy blog is to list at least some surnames, individuals, and the areas I am currently researching so people can find me! I hope to post pages with biographies of several of them, my tree and current research finds, so here goes in no particular order....

Burton Isaiah supposedly a native of Hopkinton RI moved to NY
Varnum, Alfred and Sarah his children Tompkins CoNY, Cattaraugus Co. NY & Cedar Co., IA
colateral lines are Luddington, Everts/Evarts and several unknowns for the ladies....

Mix Varnum's wife Sevinah was Mix,
her mother was Leafe Ide her grandfather was a Rev War patriot, Squire Ide.
her other ancestral names are Collins, Bowen, Bozworth, Manross, Perry ....

Fairchild John Frederick B(ackus?) born 1800 in Athens or Hudson NY trying to connect him to one of the Connecticut Fairchild families... but watch for an interesting tale here.... he married Sally HOYT

Miller John born 1820 in Crieff Scotland, came to the US ( Cattaraugus Co., NY) in 1849.... not sure I have identified the right parents in Scotland...
Alexander, his brother who moved from NY to Michigan.... tracking his descendants now

Edwards John [gee I wish our family would use more unusual names!] who was born in Quebec, CAN in 1835, married in Essex co, ONT Can in 1862, moved to Michigan and died there in 1897.... his mom was supposedly from Portugal(?!)

Petty Jesse, born NJ abt 1779 moved to Fayette, NY in early 1800's died in Allegany Co., NY in 1855 married Mary ( Polly?) Moffat

Hoyt, Enoch m. Sally Holly ?? died about 1824. Is listed as unattached (may be...) by David Hoyt in the famous Hoyt, Haight.... genealogy.

Wadsworth Ariel B. He was my first real mystery...And so will probably be my first Bio. But now have tracked back to William Wadsworth, so feel much better to have a longer line!!!
connected lines are CADWELL, Brace, BUNCE, Collier, Clark

-- Ariel's wife was Roxey Rouse Robinson. Traced the Robinson line back to John, the minister of the Pilgrims in Leiden Holland my first "famous" ancestor!!!
the allied lines are Flint, Hazen, Rouse, Haynes among others

Next blog soon....