Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Top 10 genealogical moments of 2009

Well, even though it's Wordless Wednesday, I'll add this today! [ thanks for the nudge, Randy!] This was a big year for me in genealogy!

10. Attending the ftDNA conference in March. I still have so much to learn about the uses of DNA in genealogy. But this conference helped a lot!
9. Getting my full mtDNA test kit for Christmas! Wonder what my haplogroup is???
8. Helping several DAR prospects complete their application papers
7. Finally starting on my husband's genealogy, and showing all his relatives at the October family reunion the wonderful ancestral history they have!
6. Joining DUVCW [Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War]. It made me go back and look at some civil war data I had collected years ago. Looking at it with fresh eyes, it allowed me to connect another branch of the family!
5. Spending a week in D.C. using the National Archives, Library of Congress, and DAR libraries. I could have spent a month!
4. Donating time to the DAR descendant's project typing in application data for 100 applications. Part of my "giving back" for all the help I have received over the years!
3. Attending SCGS Jamboree in Burbank in June. I was one of the Boy Scout genealogy badge councilors and signed off on about 30 badges!!! It als0 allowed me to reconnect with old friends, and meet many new blogger friends.
2. Identifying my Mayflower ancestors! John Howland, his wife Elizabeth Tilly and her parents ( John Tilly & ? who both died in the first year ). Which is great for a 3/4 non-American person!!!!
1. Finding my mother's Chilean cousins! Through Facebook of all places!!! Never turn down any opportunity to search on surnames!

I wonder how I'll top this in 2010.... Happy New Year!