Sunday, April 5, 2009

Burton, Edwards, Petty, Wadsworth, in NY & Canada

I guess I really need to get going in blogging. I will pick up on the blogging prompts later, but I guess the first thing to report in my genealogy blog is to list at least some surnames, individuals, and the areas I am currently researching so people can find me! I hope to post pages with biographies of several of them, my tree and current research finds, so here goes in no particular order....

Burton Isaiah supposedly a native of Hopkinton RI moved to NY
Varnum, Alfred and Sarah his children Tompkins CoNY, Cattaraugus Co. NY & Cedar Co., IA
colateral lines are Luddington, Everts/Evarts and several unknowns for the ladies....

Mix Varnum's wife Sevinah was Mix,
her mother was Leafe Ide her grandfather was a Rev War patriot, Squire Ide.
her other ancestral names are Collins, Bowen, Bozworth, Manross, Perry ....

Fairchild John Frederick B(ackus?) born 1800 in Athens or Hudson NY trying to connect him to one of the Connecticut Fairchild families... but watch for an interesting tale here.... he married Sally HOYT

Miller John born 1820 in Crieff Scotland, came to the US ( Cattaraugus Co., NY) in 1849.... not sure I have identified the right parents in Scotland...
Alexander, his brother who moved from NY to Michigan.... tracking his descendants now

Edwards John [gee I wish our family would use more unusual names!] who was born in Quebec, CAN in 1835, married in Essex co, ONT Can in 1862, moved to Michigan and died there in 1897.... his mom was supposedly from Portugal(?!)

Petty Jesse, born NJ abt 1779 moved to Fayette, NY in early 1800's died in Allegany Co., NY in 1855 married Mary ( Polly?) Moffat

Hoyt, Enoch m. Sally Holly ?? died about 1824. Is listed as unattached (may be...) by David Hoyt in the famous Hoyt, Haight.... genealogy.

Wadsworth Ariel B. He was my first real mystery...And so will probably be my first Bio. But now have tracked back to William Wadsworth, so feel much better to have a longer line!!!
connected lines are CADWELL, Brace, BUNCE, Collier, Clark

-- Ariel's wife was Roxey Rouse Robinson. Traced the Robinson line back to John, the minister of the Pilgrims in Leiden Holland my first "famous" ancestor!!!
the allied lines are Flint, Hazen, Rouse, Haynes among others

Next blog soon....