Saturday, January 21, 2012

Random Research Items

Well, rather than creating a Surname Saturday regular post, I spent this evening doing some random research into several branches.  I then of course became entangled with one of my biggest genealogical pet peeves, the unsubstantiated public trees on followed closely by the peeve of finding the place names of say "Barnstable, Massachusetts, United States of America"  for a date in the 1600s!... sigh)

The furthest back I have gotten in the Mix line is Daniel Meekes and his wife, always listed as "Mrs. Daniel Meekes"  so I backed up one generation to Thomas Mix married to Rebecca Turner, and decided to look for her parents.  Her father is Nathaniel Turner. so I started to look.  The first source was of course NEHGS "Great Migration" database... where I found him, with of course Origin: unknown... and wife as _____ ______ .  For curiosity, I decided to look at ancestry, just to see what trees people have listed....
and there I find several with a wife listed as Margaret Leachland, but no sourcing.  Then of course there are those trees  (a lot of them!!!)  who wrongly list Nathaniel as the son of Humphrey Turner and Julia Gamer.... but the son Nathaniel of Humphrey was born in about 1624 which makes it impossible for Nathaniel to have a daughter Rebecca born in about 1629 married in 1649...   and of course those are the "hints" that I should merge with my tree! Not likely!    I keep my tree private on ancestry to keep that from happening!
Anyway, the only interesting fact I gathered was that from all the data in NEHGS was that Nathaniel Turner died at sea in 1645/6  and that Rebecca and Thomas Meekes (later Mix) were in court in July 1649 "to answer to their sinful miscarriage in  matter of fornication, with sundry lies added thereto by them both in a gross and heinous manner" and were married by September 4th of that year!  And that from all the offices in the colonies that Nathaniel held, and all the property, he must have been highly educated, was a great military talent, and could accrue wealth in the early colonial period! So I have a great ancestor!
Perhaps I'll find more data later...

On to the next blank on the pedigree, and perhaps a better find!

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