Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Transcription Tuesday--New Sparks and Rhodes Letters!!!

 Well, as COVID seems to be providing me with more spare time, I am working on cleaning out all the boxes of data and mixed stuff that we packed up for our move to Texas.....

And I found several letters that I didn't know that I had, providing info to aid my search for my English Rhodes and Sparks roots!!! 

I've placed here, and will move them to the Rhodes/Sparks Letters separate page  after I finish them all. The first is from Jane Sparks, a sister of John Gill Sparks and addressed to him, and his wife Sarah Rhodes. Each letter I find adds another name to be researched, and another link in the family chain!!

Letter from Jane Sparks to John Gill and Sarah Rhodes Sparks, copy obtained from Patsy Davies in 1980 and transcribed by Susan Fairchild Barry on 11 Sep 2021.  Photocopy of letter attached.

                                                                                                March 3d 186[ 4? 9?]

Dear Brother and Sister

  I am very well of myself and am living

in Burley and I am very unhappy about you

not sending me a letter. I send you a letter and

you never sent me no answer back and you ask

me what I thought about going into Canada

and I told you then I could not come by my-

self, we have had a very hard winter here

and am left by myself and I mention John

Shoesmith and he die very suddenly at Ilkley

and Ann is living at Otley and she is very well

for anything I know and Elizabeth is residing

in Leeds and I got a letter from her last Friday

and she sends her best respects to you she would

like to see you but she thinks it will be not in

this world and Elizabeth has one son and his

age is fourteen and he would like to see you.

     William is living at the bottom of Holling[s?]

Hill [s or,] is William writing to you or not

I have sent this letter William Smith and

John Craven and if they come to your house

you must treat them very kindly for I know

their parents remarkably well and you must

give my best respects to Mr and Mrs Wie and

please to let me know if Elizabeth has got

married or not but let me know in the next

letter and I have sent my mother funeral chard

and I have sent you a English newspaper

             So no more from your



                  Jane Sparks



I'll try to add one each week until they are all here!   Thanks to the family members who saved these and didn't throw them away!!


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