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Josuha Rhodes letter

 Well, I think I am finally down to the last few letters in the Rhodes - Sparks family.  Without these letters I'm not sure we could make any sense of the family.!   As always spelling and punctuation are or are not  as in the letters and my comments or unreadable words are in [ ]   I will post them separately as they are getting rather long!!!!

     Letter from Josuah  Rhodes to Sarah Rhodes Sparks. Photocopy received from Patsy Davies in 1990s. Transcribed by Susan Fairchild Barry July 24 2022.

                        7 Mulbery St

                        Otley Rd


              Dec 7 /72

              Dear Sister

              Your of the 7th of

September is to hand and  [this places Sarah's death after Sep 7 1872!]

am glad to say finds us all

in good health and are glad

to hear of you being well

As regards the property you

mention I looked after it ---

twenty Years since and could

make nothing out. I wrote to

Mr Hargreave [s?] of Leeds but

could get no answer to no of

my letters and for ^any Informa=

tion I can give you none

If you think you think

           [ page 2]

you can make anything 

out I shall be glad as

for myself I have very faint

hops - William & Ruth  [ I believe is Ruth Rhodes and William Chadwick?]

address I can not give

the last time I heard of

them as they were in 

      William Ruth America

New ^ Zealand that is 3

years since  since then we

have heard nothing ----

Business hear upon the

whole is very fair but every-

thing is getting dear workmen

are working shorters hours

and getting more money wich

makes every thing very dear

when you were at Bradford

coal was 6/- per ton now

they are 24/ - per ton

Beef 11/ per pound

    [page 3]

one thing we have that

is reasonable is Flour

wich is 3/ - per stone 16 lbs

Rents are very dear

houses that used to be 9 L

are now               20L

and every thing in propotion

but the worst of it is wages

are not in propertionate

Brother Frank is well

but intends writing to you

Brother Mathew dose not

enjoy good heath

Brother John and Family

are very well

Brother Charles is better than

he has been some time

sister Jane is not well

she has seen the letter you

sent but gave no answer

    [ page 4]

as to weather she would

write or no

My son John an d family

are quit well and expect an ^Enrease

My daughter Sarah &[C?]

are well but as yet

no family

  James up to the mark

and I think they are all

on the encrease except

Sarah   I have a grand

son to keep he he is 8 years

of age

I have 5 at home single

and doing well

hoping this find you

well believe my  me

Yours affectionatly

Josuah Rhodes


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