Friday, February 26, 2010

Final status -- GB 2010 Olympics

Well, I didn't get as much as I'd like, but thanks to Thomas' challenge I got a lot of stuff accomplished in this 2 weeks! And I had to hustle  today to make it happen!
Category 1 Cite:
Category 2 Backup
Category 3 Organize!
        Diamond!!!   (Tasks A, B, C, D) I worked really hard for this one!
Category 4 Expand your knowledge
        Silver ( tasks D & E)
Category 5 Write!
        Gold  (Tasks A, C, E    hmmm a gold ace!)
Category 6 Reach out and Gen acts of Kindness.
Well I excel at this as any of my friends can tell you!
( Tasks A, C, D, E, G)
Well, I will keep the tasks list handy and keep prcticing for the next set of challenges!!!
1 Platinum, 1 Diamond, 1 Gold, 2 SIlvers and 1 Bronze is a great showing!!!

and I guess if the time allowed was longer I'd have platinum for Category 3 'cuz Sunday is Scan Fest!
Gotta go, am still working on the Surname Saturday post for tomorrow....

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Anonymous said...

Great work! What a great way to start the year.